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To build a strong reputation you need audacity, allies, a name.

That's what we tell our clients — companies and first responders who are transitioning to a new professional level and want a renewed public profile. More often in times of crisis. But also in between.

We implement solutions at the intersection of the following disciplines:

  • Strategic Communications.

  • First Person Reputation

  • Crisis communications

  • Change management

  • Political communications


We'll make it fatter, grittier, stronger, more obvious, juicier.

Too blunt?

Professionalism is never soft. It is aggressive. Technology. Dusty work. Mastery of words.

On the lookout for your potential,

Victoriya Zakrevskaya (founder), Stanislava Chornous (assistant), Sofia Potapenko (intern)



We are a team of professionals, which attracts the right specialists from all over the world. We collaborate with professionals in the field of communications, with whom we have worked together Switzerland, USA, UK, Belgium, Sweden, Israel, China, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

Founder of BOLDOZER 

Public affairs consultant, political scientist

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I work with hypotheses, preferably well-informed, but more often by eye.

I am most often chosen for crisis management, first-person reputation, creating a new department within a company, research, but also for one-off practical activations, too.

I am a political scientist and a Master of European Studies. When I suggest something to you, I will have full confidence in it, and I will fight for you to the end.

I have implemented successful communication projects for clients in the following industries:

  • Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Media

  • Natural Resources

  • Financial Services

  • International Politics

  • Elections

Learn more about our work in the OFFICE page



We are supported by communications professionals from all over the world:

We share our professional opinions on social, political,

and communication topics. You can read our articles here.

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Marc Cohen

Managing Director at The PR Office (PRO)

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Sebastian Remøy

Board Member TABC

Coordinator for Input on Brexit

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Ambassador Robert S. Gelbard

Atlantic Counsil Board of Directors 

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